HW4All reports and documents

Key HW4All project documents: European level

  • HW4All Call to Action for European decision-makers
    A health worker for everyone, everywhere! Towards strong health workforces and sustainable health systems around the world (2014) - PDF - website
  • HW4All Summary report
    Health Workers for All and All for Health Workers. Country and joint activities and results. European project 2013-2015 (April 2016) - PDF
  • Health workforce shortages and international mobility in the EU
    A HW4All synthesis report (2014) -
  • Practices of WHO Code implementation in Europe: The role of non-governmental actors
    HW4All collection of national case studies (2015) - PDF

Key HW4All project documents: National level

  • HW4All case study (Belgium)
    Charter proposed by Belgian development cooperation actors on the recruitment and support for the development of human resources for health in partner countries - PDF
  • HW4All case study (Belgium)
    Memisa 'Hospital for Hospital' twinning programme - PDF
  • HW4All case study (Germany)
    The Germany-Philippines bilateral agreement about the recruitment of nurses - PDF
  • HW4All case study (Germany)
    The struggle for decent work innursing at the Berlin hospital Charité - PDF
  • HW4All case study (Italy)
    The FNOMCeO commission on development cooperation - PDF
  • HW4All case study (Italy)
    The Contact Point for migrant health workers organised by IPASVI Florence - PDF
  • HW4All case study (The Netherlands)
    Caring for carers in Dutch home-based care - PDF
  • HW4All case study (The Netherlands)
    Corporate Social Responsibility in favour of the global health workforce - PDF
  • HW4All case study (Poland)
    Attempt to obtain reliable data on the scale of migration of Polish medical personnel - PDF
  • HW4All case study (Poland)
    The introduction of physicians and paediatricians into primary health care in Poland - PDF
  • HW4All case study (Romania)
    Cross-border cooperation covering the need for human resources in Calarasi County Emergency Hospital - employing specialist MDs from Bulgaria - PDF
  • HW4All case study (Romania)
    Coordinated multi-sectoral intervention in emergencies and the transfer of non-exclusively medical tasks to non-medical staff prepared to intervene more rapidly and to provide qualified first aid - PDF
  • HW4All case study (Spain/Germany)
    The migration experience of Spanish nurses in Germany - PDF
  • HW4All case study (Spain)
    The experience of non-EU member MIR in the Navarra Community: Labour inequity - PDF
  • HW4All case study (UK)
    Implementation of Department of Health’s Code of Practice (2001 and 2004) - PDF
  • HW4All case study (UK)
    Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Labour Market Review - PDF

Summary reports produced by the national project members in the countries covered by the HW4All project are available here: Project outcome at national level

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