Project outcome: European contributions to a sustainable health workforce worldwide


HW4All: European Call to Action

"A health worker for everyone, everywhere!" HW4All Call to Action for European decision-makers, towards strong health workforces and sustainable health systems around the world.
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HW4All: Project outcome at European level

"Today over 50 countries, mainly in Africa and South Asia, suffer from a critical shortage of health personnel, while they carry a large part of the global burden of disease. In the aging societies of European countries, the number of people who need long-term care is growing, thus fuelling demand for health workers. As the labour market becomes more globalized, rising demand is driving migration and mobility amongst health personnel. The recruitment of health workers abroad is a way of meeting the domestic demand, but can worsen the shortage of qualified personnel in both low- and middle-income countries and Europe.

Therefore, the project ‘Health Workers for All and All for Health Workers’ (HW4All) wanted to increase the coherence between development cooperation policies and domestic health policies and practices of European Member States with regard to the strengthening of the health workforce. The main emphasis was on countries with a critical shortage of health workers. Thereby the project aimed at contributing to a sustainable health workforce worldwide.

Within the 3-year project period, the project partners have implemented all planned activities at national and EU level, and even more. The result is rich, we have achieved a lot, but there is still a way to go."

HW4All: Project outcome at national level

Summary reports produced by the national project members in the countries covered by the HW4All project are available now.

HW4All Events: European and global level

  • Geneva, 22 May 2013 WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel: Stoking up the fire for Code implementation. HW4All side event to the World Health Assembly
  • Madrid, 5 June 2014 Health workers migration: A health worker for everyone, everywhere! Launch event of the European Call to Action
  • Brussels, 5 May 2015 Mobility of Health Professionals in the EU - Ethical Recruitment and Policy Coherence. HW4All event at the European Parliament
  • Geneva, 20 May 2015 WHO Global Code of Practice - initial achievements and future challenges. Side event to the World Health Assembly featuring the report on the Code review
  • Brussels, 9 December 2015 Exploring the migration-development nexus. Global health aspects of the implementation of the WHO Code Of Practice. Final event of the HW4All project

HW4All: Reports and documents

A collection of key papers produced by the members and advocacy team of the HW4All project at a European and national level
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HW4All: Contributions to the dialogue

Contributions by HW4All project representatives to meetings and consultations on health workforce migration and planning at global and European level
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HW4All in the news

A selection of media coverage of the HW4All project, with a focus on the European level
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