HWW4All in the News (2013-15) - a selection

  • Easy come, easy go? Flux in European health workforces and the need for more reliable data. "The economic crisis has led to increased mobility of health professionals within Europe and in some cases it has even replaced recruitment from non-EU member states, thereby adding a distinctly European dimension to the implementation of the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel. Large numbers of health workers from Southern Europe escaping unemployment and austerity policies are being joined by their peers from Romania, Bulgaria and other EU accession countries where salaries remain extremely low."
    BlogActive, April 2015
  • How migration affects health workforce management. "The WHO Global Code needs to be properly implemented within Europe too — and national health workforces need to be built up, nurtured and retained."
    , January 2015
  • Spanish nurses in Germany: When mobility breeds exploitation. "A sobering illustration of how the lure of working in a  foreign country can turn into an experience of ‘social dumping’ thanks to unscrupulous employers."
    EU Reporter, December 2014
  • Combating ‘out-migration’ in Europe’s health professions. "It is a well-known fact that EU accession has not been kind to Romania and Bulgaria when it comes to the retention of qualified health professionals, especially doctors and nurses, who have been leaving in droves."
    Policy Review, November 2014